False Allegation of Attack - 17nm West Okwori Terminal

Reporting indicates that claims that an SEV was attacked 17nm West of Okwori resulting in the death of two personnel were false and the result of fictitious reporting. 

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24 February 2021, 2130UTC


03° 49N 006° 30E


17nm West Okwori Terminal

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17nm West Okwori Terminal

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Update as at 0700hrs 26 February 21

Reporting indicates that reports as outlined below regarding a potential attack upon an SEV involving the death of two personnel were false. 

Reports were made to the relevant authorities regarding this situation.

Further investigation by a number of organisations has since confirmed that an SEV provider appears to have distributed false information to a client as a result of being unable to honour an agreed provision of services. 

The situation unfortunately highlights the need to conduct significant due diligence when enlisting PMSC services within West Africa. 

Original Post

Reporting indicates that a Nigerian flagged offshore crew transfer vessel, acting in the capacity of security escort vessel has been attacked resulting in the death of two personnel. 

Early reporting indicates that the vessel had 8 crew a PMSC liaison officer and 7 Nigerian Navy personnel.

The vessel is understood to have been inbound to an RV with the vessel and not under escorting duties at the time of the attack. 




17nm West Okwori Terminal

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