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Dryad Global COO Phil Diacon Joins Speaker Panel Ahead of FLIBS 2022

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Phil Diacon will present on ‘The Hunt for Policy Wording’ at the Fort Lauderdale Mariners Club’s 32nd Marine Seminar. Catch him in person and learn more about compliance, risk and regulation in the yachting industry.

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) approaches, and Dryal Global will be there. Along with showcasing our ARMS Maritime Security and Risk Intelligence tools, we’re pleased to announce that our own Chief Operating Officer has been invited to speak on an expert maritime compliance panel.

Dryad Global COO Phil Diacon will co-present on ‘The Hunt for Policy Wording’ at the Fort Lauderdale Mariners Club’s 32nd Marine Seminar alongside Nicola Kingman from the Shipowners P&I Club. The 32nd Marine Seminar is a prestigious two-day event occurring shortly before the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show kick-off.

Phil and Nicola’s session comes just before the seminar’s closing remarks and cocktail reception.

  • When: Tuesday October 25th 2022
  • Where: 1600-1700EST, The Las Olas Ballroom, The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort Convention Centre
  • Register: Click here to register


‘The Hunt for Policy Wording’ Seminar


What is considered a War Zone? Controlled Area? High Risk Area?

These days, definitions of those concepts are changing significantly. For example, economic sanctions being levied against parties associated with the war in Ukraine may support the idea that a war zone includes the 24,000-mile circumference of the earth - instead of simply a no-sail zone marked on a nautical chart.

Being near the ‘fighting’ is a self-explanatory war risk, but what about when a vessel is seized while berthed in a safe port because of a conflict thousands of miles away? Does the citizenship of the Beneficial Owner or a flag of convenience protect the vessel, or affect the level (perception) of the risk? Who is the controlling entity, and how can multiple layers of corporate protection be pierced to identify the real owner?

Phil Diacon and Nicola Kingman designed this seminar to help you navigate (both literally and figuratively) this area of policy wording.

Join them to understand the application of navigation limits and considerations relating to your security and coverage. This seminar aims to answer:

  • How are war zones established, monitored and re-assessed?
  • How can we identify piracy hotspots, terrorism and other types of high-risk areas?
  • When might you choose standard coverage, built-in coverage, or high-risk policies?
  • When might you insure the ship, the cargo, or both?
  • Where and when does coverage begin and end?
  • Is military protection adequate (and whose military)?
  • Are third-party civilian protection/armed guards a good or bad idea?

They will also guide you through the plain facts about Warlike Operations Area Trading Agreements, trading within/transiting through war zones, carrying military cargo, and what we don’t hear on the news about the reality of maritime risks.

Leave this seminar with an improved understanding of the jurisdiction of foreign nations (port state control), information about potential seizures, embargoes, blacklists, or detentions, and importantly: best practices for onboard training, contingency planning, and ship-shore communications.

Register to attend the 32nd Marine Seminar here.


If you plan to attend FLIBS, we hope to see you at the 32nd Maritime Seminar in the days before as well. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enjoy interactive presentations from industry professionals. You can also book a meeting with Phil below:

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