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        Libya's UN ambassador wonders if Libya will commit to ceasefire

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        The Libyan ambassador to the United Nations Taher El Sonni said the ceasefire agreement by the Presidential Council and House of Representatives in Tobruk isn't the first, saying he hoped this time would be serious.

        El Sonni wondered if the parties behind the war on legitimacy and civilians in Tripoli would be committed to the ceasefire, saying he is with any political solution that wouldn't be made to fit certain individuals because all Libyan civilians should have a say in the fate of their country.

        "Some parties blessed the war and now are with the ceasefire. I wonder if they are honest this time." He said, in an indication of HoR Speaker Aqila Saleh, who was with Haftar's war on Tripoli.

        El Sonni said stability starts with a comprehensive political track in all of Libya's territory without exclusion of any social or political parties to achieve q constitutional basis for parliamentary and presidential elections to end the transitional phase in Libya, so all criminals of the Libya conflict can be brought to justice. Source: Libya Observer