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        'Limpet Mines' and 'Drone Attacks'

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        A covert maritime battle between Israel and Iran has been raging under the radar for years.  

        Smoke rises from Iranian-linked oil tanker Wisdom

        But now, these clashes are spilling out on to the world stage. 

        Since the start of this year, at least seven ships have been damaged eight times in a tit-for-tat battle between the two countries.

        Sky News has been tracking the routes, destinations and owners of the vessels, gathering images and videos of the alleged attacks and monitoring Iran and Israel's responses to the incidents.

        We found business connections between vessels, suggesting the targets are unlikely to have been picked at random.

        Two of the damaged ships also had links to the UK through the Isle of Man.

        We can show the alleged attacks are happening roughly every two weeks.

        These thick and fast incidents mean Israel saw two of its ships hit within one month. One tanker linked to Iran appears to have been struck twice in 15 days - and as recently as Sunday.

        This ramping up of tensions on the water come as efforts are under way to bring Iran back into the nuclear deal torn apart by former US president Donald Trump. 

        Donald Trump withdrew America from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018

        Officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, it would see Iran agree once again to limit its nuclear capabilities in exchange for an easing of sanctions.  

        It has been back on the table since the start of the year when US President Joe Biden took office.

        Israel is critical of this policy and seeks to limit Iran's power, citing terrorism and security fears.

        These clashes on the water are only a part of the wider long-running battle between the two countries - ranging from attacks on key infrastructure, targeted assassinations and proxy battles.

        Source: Sky News