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Podcast: Expert Banter - Maritime Security with Corey Ranslem

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Corey Ranslem, the CEO of Dryad Global joins Nathan Shnaider on the 'Expert Banter' podcast, for an insightful discussion on maritime security, with a special focus on the Middle East.

Nathan Schneider and Corey set the stage for a deep dive into the complexities and challenges of securing the maritime domain in this geopolitically sensitive area.

Corey, bringing a wealth of experience and a rich background to the conversation, shared his journey from growing up in the Midwest of the United States to joining the US Coast Guard at a young age. During his eight years with the Coast Guard, Corey was deeply involved in various maritime law enforcement operations, laying a solid foundation for his career in maritime security. His post-Coast Guard career has seen him working for companies with a strong presence in the maritime industry, always with a focus on security but from different angles and perspectives.

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This discussion with Corey not only highlighted his personal journey and expertise in maritime security but also shed light on the critical importance of safeguarding maritime interests, especially in regions as volatile and strategically important as the Middle East. The conversation serves as a reminder of the challenges and responsibilities faced by those working in maritime security and underscores Dryad Global's commitment to excellence and leadership in this crucial field.

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