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Security takeover by NIMASA on Lagos anchorage

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The situation at the anchorage in Lagos.

Lagos port 150221

The update on the Lagos anchorage security takeover by NIMASA (Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency):

  1. NIMASA is now set to deploy security assets to provide security for the Lagos SAA.
  2. NIMASA will deploy DB LAGOS and DB ABUJA with 8 Fast Interceptor attack boats to Lagos anchorage within this week to kickstart the project.
  3. DB Lagos and DB Abuja are multipurpose security surveillance vessels acquired by the government through the Integrated National security and waterways protection infrastructures project otherwise called Deep Blue Project. Both vessels are 2019 built especially for this project and all the fast interceptor boats are all new assets.
  4. The Deep Blue Project is a 195 Million Dollar project of the Federal Government of Nigeria to provide comprehensive maritime security within the Nigerian maritime domain and gulf of guinea. The project assets will include Unmanned Arial Vehicles (Drones), Hybrid multipurpose surveillance vessels, helicopters, special aircraft, Fast interceptor surveillance boats etc.
  5. NIMASA will share with stakeholders the mode of operations, reporting detail for vessels entering the SAA and if any charges will be applicable to sustain the project.

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Source: Wilhelmsen