Attempted Robbery - Lagos, Nigeria

Reporting indicates that an attempted robbery has taken place at a jetty of the port in Lagos.


Attempted Robbery


2 August 2020 0200 LH


06°27.3'N, 003°22.3'E



Vessel Dimensions

144 m x 23 m

Vessel Type/Cargo

Oil & Chemical Tanker

Source Confidence Level



Incident Overview

Reporting indicates that five individuals attempted to board a tanker vessel which was berthed alongside the New Oil Jetty in the port of Lagos. Duty personnel sighted the individuals and raised the alarm. The Nigerian Navy subsequently responded to the incident, however all the individuals escaped. It is currently not known if anything was successfully stolen from the vessel.


Dryad Analysis

In terms of maritime incidents in the Gulf of Guinea, this incident is low-level in nature, and can likely be categorised as a low level robbery. Robberies of this classification are common within the region, and vessels must remain vigilant when at port, as vessels are most vulnerable  to petty crime when stationary at port. Groups who engage in such acts can be armed, however, and a degree of caution is therefore advised.


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