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Cross-Strait relations in the Lai era

On May 20, Lai Ching-te was inaugurated as Taiwan's new president, prompting significant military drills by Beijing around the island three days later.

Cabinda to Cape Town: how crime-proof are Africa’s Atlantic shores?

The Atlantic Ocean, historically pivotal for transoceanic trade, remains crucial today, particularly in connecting Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

The Roots of Somalia’s Slow Piracy Resurgence

The historic town of Eyl, situated on Somalia’s north-eastern Puntland coast, has a storied past and a troubling present.

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Shipping supply chains and global conflicts

Global shipping supply chains are facing significant disruptions due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza, attacks on ships by Houthi militias, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Seychelles Demonstrates How Smaller Nations Can Effectively Combat Piracy

Earlier this year, the Seychelles Coast Guard vessel, Topaz, was diverted to respond to a Somali pirate attack on a Sri Lankan fishing trawler near the Seychelles exclusive economic zone.

Security, surveillance, protection from maritime crime and piracy in Southeast Asia

Over the past two decades, Southeast Asia's sea lanes, once notorious for pirate activity, have seen significant improvements in security.

Shipping supply chains in Asia are being tested by global crises

In recent years, global maritime supply chains have faced numerous disruptions, challenging their resilience.

Insurers And Shippers Combat Piracy In Southeast Asia

The threat of piracy and armed robbery (PAR) in Southeast Asia is not as severe as commonly portrayed in news reporting.


On January 1, 2024, Nigerian pirates attacked the Hana 1, a small chemical tanker in Equatorial Guinea's waters, kidnapping nine crew members.

The Role South American Authorities play in preventing drug trafficking to Europe

Recent operations across South America have highlighted the escalating battle against narcotics trafficking within the region.