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Crew Cyber Hygiene

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Tomorrow at the Monaco Yacht Show, Dryad Global CEO Corey Ranslem will be presenting a seminar all about crew cyber hygiene.

In this week's vlog Corey Ranslem talks about the importance of technology and cyber surveys in supporting vessels and crews but also the need to prioritise the human factor when it comes to crew cyber hygiene.



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Electronic tools to protect your systems and vessels are exceptionally important in managing maritime risk. No matter where you are in the world, captains and yacht management companies should complete a maritime cyber survey as a matter of best practice. 

But the human factors can’t be overlooked. Ultimately despite all of the technology, data and risk intelligence that you bring together ahead of your voyage, the human factor is the most important. 

In this week's vlog Corey Ranslem shares his three top tips on how to keep your crew cyber secure.

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Make sure access across all of your crews devices, tablets, phones, computers adhere to these three steps:

  1. Password protect all personal devices. We highly recommend fingerprint, eye or two-factor authentication. Make sure devices won’t open automatically. If you leave your device somewhere, without these measures in place, it’s too easy for people to break into your device with out a password.

  2. Unknown systems. Use a VPN if accessing public wifi at a coffee shop or airport. A VPN is a secure tunnel that prevents someone seeing your traffic on and off your device. There are a lot of free and paid VPN’s to choose from and these will stop anyone else from collecting your information from your device, tablet, iPhone, iPad or computer.

  3. Applications. Make sure these don’t have automatic permissions enabled to allow them access to your personal contacts, dairies, photos etc. Shut those permissions off to limit what permissions those applications have and therefore what they can access. If you can, ensure the settings are configured to prevent any apps from collecting data 24/7. Limit their access to only when you’re using or need the apps. Warning, they will try and collect data at any opportunity!

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