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        Emerging technology gives first ever global view of hidden vessels

        Global Fishing Watch has developed and publicly released the first ever global map of previously undetected dark fleets, or vessels that do not broadcast their location or appear in public monitoring..

        Interview: Mitigating Cyber-Threats in the Maritime Industry

        Like many industries, the maritime sector is undergoing significant technological transformation aimed at boosting productivity and efficiency.

        The Vulnerable Maritime Supply Chain - a Threat to the Global Economy

        Around 90% to 95% of all shipped goods at some stage travel by sea. This makes the global maritime industry the world’s single largest and most important supply chain. Successful cyberattacks against..

        Shipping’s digital disconnect may only be resolved by a disaster

        Experts warn of shipping’s vulnerability to escalating cyber risk and argue that it will take a digital disaster for shipping to take cyber security seriously.

        $3 million – The average cyberattack ransom payment in shipping

        New research into maritime cyber security carried out by Thetius for CyberOwl and HFW showed an alarming lack of awareness and preparedness to deal with cyberattacks.

        Is the Global Supply Chain the Next Big Cyber Target?

        “Cyberwarfare is the greatest threat to the maritime transportation system,” warns U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral John Mauger, Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy. “The safe flow of global..

        New Maritime Industry Cyber Security Scheme

        A new Maritime Cyber Baseline scheme launched by IASME and supported by The Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) will help shipping operators and vessel owners to improve their cyber security..


        Cybercriminals are targeting organizations along the supply chain sector with cyberattacks and claiming in underground forums that they have access to networks for companies that operate air, ground..

        Cyber Security Act key in safeguarding Ghana’s maritime industry

        The Director in Charge of Legal at the Ministry of National Security, Osei Bonsu Dickson Esq. has indicated that the maritime industry stands to benefit greatly from the newly passed landmark..