Boarding 107nm South Lagos

Reporting indicates that the SSAS had been activated for the M/T ERRINA following her being boarded. 

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Boarding 107nm South Lagos


22 October 2020 0758UTC


04° 38 12N - 003°28 18E


107nm South Lagos

Vessel Dimensions

160 x 28.64 m

Vessel Type

Oil / Chemical Tanker

Source Confidence Level



Incident Overview

Reporting indicates that the SSAS was activated on the Panamanian flagged M/T ERRINA (IMO9802061). Initial indications were that the vessel position was 200nm West Sao Tome. This position would have been irregular to her known trading pattern. 

The information broadcast on the SSAS appears to have been in error and the vessel has subsequently been shown to be at a location South of Lagos. 

Reporting indicates that the vessel was boarded but all personnel had managed to retreat to the vessel citadel and are subsequently safe and accounted for. 

All vessels are reminded that there remains a persistent and elevated risk within this area and are encouraged to maintain increased vigilance and employ enhanced mitigation at this time. 

Dryad Analysis

Whilst details remain unclear the vessel can be seen to have recorded her departure from Limboh anchorage on the 20th October at 1420UTC heading in a South West Direction. The vessel ceased broadcasting on AIS at around 1500 on the same day. The vessel has an established trading pattern between Lomé, Lagos and the wider Niger Delta region. Notably all transits throughout the wider Nigerian EEZ were conducted with AIS off. Whilst an established practise by some operators, the Nigerian Navy have recently mounted operations to interdict and arrest any vessel found not broadcasting on AIS. 

It is understood that the vessel was boarded however all aboard managed to retreat into the citadel. This is the 19th incident within the Nigerian EEZ which despite the wider uptick in overall incident reporting, represents a decline on incident volumes within this area. 


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