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Maritime Piracy

Cabinda to Cape Town: how crime-proof are Africa’s Atlantic shores?

The Atlantic Ocean, historically pivotal for transoceanic trade, remains crucial today, particularly in connecting Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

The Roots of Somalia’s Slow Piracy Resurgence

The historic town of Eyl, situated on Somalia’s north-eastern Puntland coast, has a storied past and a troubling present.

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Security, surveillance, protection from maritime crime and piracy in Southeast Asia

Over the past two decades, Southeast Asia's sea lanes, once notorious for pirate activity, have seen significant improvements in security.

Insurers And Shippers Combat Piracy In Southeast Asia

The threat of piracy and armed robbery (PAR) in Southeast Asia is not as severe as commonly portrayed in news reporting.

The Role South American Authorities play in preventing drug trafficking to Europe

Recent operations across South America have highlighted the escalating battle against narcotics trafficking within the region.

Piracy blues: Understanding the resurgence of Somali maritime threat

In December 2023, Somali pirates made headlines with a daring hijacking, showcasing their continued menace.

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Rising Tide of Piracy in Asian Waters: Urgent Calls for Vigilance and Action

In a sudden upheaval on a seemingly tranquil February morning, the maritime community grappled with unsettling news of Category 2 piracy off Kutubdia Anchorage, Bangladesh, followed by a more severe..

Have the Somali pirates and Al Shabab joined hands?

In a concerning development, Somali pirates, dormant for six years due to anti-piracy measures, are resurfacing, raising alarms for the international maritime community.

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Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 5th Feb 2024

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 5th Feb 2024.

Marc Cuniberti commentary: Maritime piracy could spike inflation

In the midst of the ongoing Israeli conflict, the repercussions are beginning to resonate beyond the immediate theatre of war, posing a potential threat to global economic stability.