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Israeli Navy to procure four SHALDAG MK V vessels

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The SHALDAG MK V IN is one of the three variants of the SHALDAG-class fast patrol boats.

Israel Shipyards has signed an agreement to supply four SHALDAG MK V vessels to the Israeli Navy.

The SHALDAG-Class fast patrol boats (FPBs) are designed to meet the challenging coastal security requirements of navies across the globe.

The vessels can support a range of missions, such as maritime patrol, interception of terrorist activities, drug trafficking, prevention of illegal immigration, and search-and-rescue (SAR) operations.

shaldag class fast boat

The SHALDAG MK V, variant of the SHALDAG-Class FPBs, is a combat-proven, all-aluminum, light and fast patrol vessel driven by powerful waterjets.

It has a high payload capacity and provides significant manoeuvrability and seakeeping.

Adapted to the Israeli Navy’s unique configuration requirements, the SHALDAG MK V vessels will join the navy’s security missions.

Israel Shipyards chairman Sami Katsav said: “This significant order represents a seal of approval for the quality of the vessel and recognition of the professionalism of the company as a supplier of advanced vessels to governments and security forces around the world.”

The SHALDAG-class is available in three versions, SHALDAG MK II, SHALDAG MK III/IV, and SHALDAG MK V.

Among these, SHALDAG MK V is an advanced variant compared to the other two variants in terms of performance and physical attributes. It has an overall length of 31.2m, a draft of 1.25m, and a moulded beam of 6.4m.

Israel Shipyards CEO Eitan Zucker said: “We are pleased with our long-standing cooperation with the Israeli Navy, and with the opportunity for our flagship vessel to become part of the navy and its missions, protecting our country’s maritime borders.”


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Source: Naval Technology