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ISS Education Leadership Seminar Series

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Join Dryad Global at this year's International Superyacht Society (ISS) Education Leadership Seminar Series, a program of educational events designed to address issues facing the marketplace, owners, captains, crew and yachting professionals.

This year's ISS Education Leadership Seminar Series is here. Industry experts from across the superyacht world will come together to discuss the hot topics that are shaping the future of the sector.

ISS professional member and Dryad Global's CEO Corey Ranslem will be moderating the first panel, 'Fire Safety' to kick off the day. He'll be joined by Laura Sherrod - Newcoast Insurance, Mike Pavluk - Frankentek, Pete Southgate - Cayman Registry, Richie Blake - Dohle Yachts and Robert Ellis - Sea-Fire Marine to discuss new guideline developments. Is there an increase in fires or is this just better reported? Are Lithium (Li-on) batteries a major concern and what are the solutions?

When: Wednesday, March 22, 2023, 2pm – 4.30pm EDT

Where: Canopy by Hilton West Palm Beach Downtown


See the full programme:  https://www.superyachtsociety.org/leadership-series-in-west-palm-beach/

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Dryad Global's Corey Ranslem and Frank Fenner are proud to be professional members of ISS and share the same commitment to promoting excellence and innovation in the superyacht industry. 

Why join ISS?

  1. Networking Opportunities: The ISS provides a platform for superyacht industry professionals to connect and build relationships with like-minded individuals from around the world. Members can attend events, seminars, and workshops, which offer opportunities to network with industry leaders, share knowledge, and learn about the latest trends and developments in the industry.

  2. Access to Industry Knowledge and Resources: The ISS provides members with access to a wealth of industry knowledge and resources, including research, market analysis, and best practices. This supports members to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, regulations, and developments.

  3. Professional Development: The ISS offers a range of professional development programs, including certification programs, workshops, and training courses. These programs support members to develop their skills and knowledge, enhancing their professional credentials, and advancing their careers in the superyacht industry.

  4. Industry Recognition: Members of the ISS are recognized as leaders in the superyacht industry benefiting from increased visibility, credibility, and prestige within the industry. Membership also offers opportunities to participate in industry awards programs and other recognition initiatives.

  5. Advocacy: The ISS is actively involved in advocacy efforts to support and promote the superyacht industry. As a member, you can help shape the direction of the industry and have a voice in key policy and regulatory issues.

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