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Japan extends $26m in grant aid to boost Djiboutian maritime security

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Umio Otsuka, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Djibouti, concluded the arrangement with Djibouti’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Mahmoud Ali Youssouf.

The waters in the vicinity of Djibouti are important points for maritime transportation connecting Asia, Africa and Europe, and also because they are adjacent to areas of conflict and regions where illegal acts such as smuggling and piracy are carried out.

The Djiboutian Coast Guard is aiming to strengthen its patrol system and the development of stable patrol boats in their waters throughout the year is an urgent issue, the Foreign Ministry in Tokyo said.

This cooperation aims to improve maritime security capacity by constructing two patrol boats and a floating pier for the Djiboutian Coast Guard.

Japan stated at TICAD 7 that it will support the development of the blue economy, including ocean security, in Africa, and this cooperation will embody it and promote peace and stability by strengthening the Djibouti government’s maritime law enforcement capacity.

Source: Arab News