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Panama starts flag inspection program for ships arriving in US ports

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The Panama Maritime Authority (PMA) will start a flag inspections program from August 1st, regarding Panama ships calling at US ports, and which are candidates for a Port State Inspection (PSC) by part of the USCG.

PMA is trying to eliminate substandard ships and has focused on improving efforts to ingress United States Coast Guard (USCG) QUALSHIP 21 (Q21) program.

With this goal, it will start the program of flag inspections for ships arriving at ports in the United States, and whose history makes them candidates for a Port State Inspection.

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The purpose of the program will be to avoid detentions and achieve the Q21 program. "Shipowners, Managers, Operator, RO and Ships of PMA registered ships are therefore urged to ensure that any ships calling at ports in the USA are fully prepared for the possibility of a PSC inspection by the USCG", PMA said.

Non-compliance with the provisions of this marine notice will be subject to sanction. Refusing for the first time carries a penalty of 10,000.00 USD. The recurrence will be grounds for the cancellation of the PMA registry immediately.

Source: Safety4Sea