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The Biden administration is seeing its Middle East policies collapsing

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In response to the Israel-Gaza conflict, the Biden administration prioritised containing the turmoil within Gaza to maintain regional stability.

The Hamas-led attack on southern Israel initially disrupted the administration's broader Middle East policy but was considered successful as the conflict remained confined after a month of fighting.

However, a new challenge arose with the Yemeni Houthi rebels emerging as a significant tool in Iran's "axis of resistance." Their attacks on commercial shipping in the Red Sea, a crucial global maritime route, prompted concerns and led to a cautious return of some shipping lines. The Houthi threat indicated Iran's intention to extend its influence beyond the Gulf region.

Simultaneously, Israel's actions in the West Bank, particularly raids and brutality against Palestinians, posed a threat to the administration's goal of conflict containment. Israeli extremists, seeking a pre-emptive strike against Hezbollah, escalated tensions despite Hezbollah and Iran's reluctance to expand the conflict to Lebanon. The assassination of a key Hamas leader in Beirut further heightened the situation.

The Biden administration, facing challenges from both the Houthi threat and Israeli actions, must navigate a complex diplomatic landscape. The Houthi aggression underscores Iran's disruptive potential in international shipping, emphasizing the need for Western-led maritime security. The Israeli threat to broaden the conflict, including with Hezbollah, adds another layer of complexity, potentially leading to a broader military confrontation.

In this precarious situation, President Biden's diplomatic skills, strategic decision-making, and determination are put to a crucial test. The administration finds itself squeezed between allies and adversaries, requiring a firm and effective approach to address the evolving challenges in the Middle East.


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Source: The National News