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Iran’s aggressive maritime acts escalate tension and threaten trade in the region

The Biden administration is seeing its Middle East policies collapsing

In response to the Israel-Gaza conflict, the Biden administration prioritised containing the turmoil within Gaza to maintain regional stability.

Al Shabab shows its reach on land as it ventures into piracy on the high seas

Al-Shabaab, an Islamist militant group based in Somalia, continues to pose a significant threat despite recent defeats suffered at the hands of Somalia's internationally supported government.

Somali pirates have all but disappeared but other threats remain at sea

Cases of piracy in the Indian Ocean have fallen significantly but maritime security experts say other illicit activities remain a concern.

Can 'Nato of the seas' ensure stability in trade in the Indian Ocean?

A mariner’s map is the inverse of a landlubber’s: the continents are blanks while coastlines and seas are rich with symbols. The same inversion of perspective illuminates energy geopolitics.