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        The ISPS Code and Modern Maritime Security

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        This edition of METIS Inform considers whether the International Ship and Port Facility Code (ISPS) adequately accounts for the nuance of the multidimensional, varying, and evolving nature of risk in the maritime industry.

        Our latest Metis Insights assesses recent changes to the BIMCO et al HRA in the Indian Ocean, and acknowledgments from key industry actors of the necessary changes to be made in global maritime security responses. 

        Dryad Global analysts Shannon McSkimming and Casper Goldman cover:
        👉Background & Evolution
        👉 Putting the Code to Use 
        👉 Where should adaptations be made?
        👉 Security in Practice and more . . .

        Informed parties would be hard pushed to debate the legitimacy of the ISPS Code, however increasingly there are questions regarding its relevance within the contemporary security environment. 

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