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Watch now: Digital Hijacking at Sea: Unveiling a Cyber Attack Scenario in the Red Sea

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The digital age has brought unparalleled conveniences, but with it, sophisticated challenges that stretch across every industry, including maritime operations. Our recent webinar, "Digital Hijacking at Sea: Unveiling a Cyber Attack Scenario in the Red Sea," presented an exploration of the cyber threats looming over the maritime sector—a sector that serves as the lifeline of global trade.

A Glimpse into Tomorrow’s Threats, Today

Imagine a scenario where a key vessel navigating the critical waters of the Red Sea falls prey to a cyber attack. No pirates, no boarding parties, just pure digital infiltration. This isn't fiction; it's a very real possibility in today’s interconnected world.

Expert Insights at Your Fingertips

Helmed by Dr. Rory Hopcraft from the University of Plymouth's CyberSHIP lab, Corey Ranslem, CEO of Dryad Global, and Ismael Valenzuela, VP of Threat Research & Intelligence at BlackBerry CyberSecurity, the webinar sheds light on the shadowy aspects of maritime cyber threats. Whether you're a CSO, a vessel operator, or anyone involved in maritime operations, this recording is tailor-made for you.


Digital Hijacking At Sea

Why Watch the Recording?

  • Understand the Cyber Threat Landscape: Dive into detailed discussions on the sophistication of cyber attacks targeting the maritime industry, including a case study of a potential cyber hijacking in the Red Sea.
  • Explore AI's Role in Cybersecurity: Discover how cutting-edge AI technologies like BlackBerry’s Cylance AI and Dryad Global’s ShipGuardAI are leading the charge against maritime cybercrime.
  • Learn About Proactive Threat Detection: Uncover the power of AI in detecting and neutralizing threats before they wreak havoc.
  • Boost Operational Efficiency: Learn how AI integration not only bolsters security but also streamlines maritime operations.
  • Gain Exclusive Insights: Benefit from the knowledge and experience of leading experts, offering actionable advice and forward-looking perspectives.

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Who Will Benefit?

  • Chief Security Officers (CSOs) and Maritime Security Professionals
  • Maritime Operation Executives and Managers
  • IT and Cybersecurity Teams
  • Ship Captains and Vessel Operators
  • Maritime Insurance Professionals

In a world where digital threats are as significant as physical ones, understanding and protecting against cyber attacks is crucial. The maritime sector, pivotal to global commerce, must navigate these digital waters with care. We invite you to view this essential webinar and arm yourself with the knowledge to safeguard your maritime assets against the cyber threats of today and tomorrow.