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Dryad Global at FLIBS 23: Taking Maritime Cybersecurity into Uncharted Waters with ShipGuard AI™

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At the intersection of cutting-edge maritime and cybersecurity worlds, Dryad Global proudly introduces: ShipGuard AI™ Cyber Vessel Protection at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) 2023.

In the realm of maritime luxury, yachts stand as the epitome of elegance and sophistication. But as the digital era forges ahead, the threats of the cyber world are making waves in these pristine waters. Enter Dryad Global's ShipGuard AI™ Cyber Vessel Protection: where cybersecurity excellence sails alongside maritime majesty.

Understanding the Stakeholders

Yacht builders, captains, and management companies are the pillars of the maritime luxury industry. Each has distinct needs, and Dryad Global is no stranger to catering to these with tailored solutions. Whether you're laying down the keel for a new vessel, guiding a superyacht through azure waters, or managing a fleet of these floating marvels, there's a promise of not just protection but empowerment.

Underpinned by Cutting-Edge Technology

Harnessing the formidable capabilities of BlackBerry Cylance's AI engine and predictive modeling, ShipGuard AI™ offers unparalleled protection against digital threats. This isn't just another layer of defense; it's a proactive shield, always vigilant and ready.

Here’s how ShipGuard AI™ can add another dimension to the yacht experience:

🔒 Unprecedented Yacht Protection: Harnessing BlackBerry Cylance's AI expertise, ShipGuard AI™ shields your vessels against sophisticated digital threats. Be it the yacht builder ensuring cyber protocols during construction, a captain monitoring real-time threats, or the management company optimizing fleet security — we've tailored solutions for each role.

🌍 Always On, Everywhere: Yachts traverse remote, exotic waters, often beyond reliable internet connectivity. Our unique endpoint protection ensures yachts remain cyber-secure, wherever the tide takes them.

📊 Empower Your Crew: Our real-time dashboard puts the power of cybersecurity in your crew's hands, enabling swift, decisive actions in the digital seas.

💰 Insurance Perks: Enjoy preferential premiums on Beazley's shipboard cybersecurity policies, magnifying your financial peace of mind.

🚨 Always Vigilant: Our 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) ensures immediate response to cyber threats, safeguarding your assets round the clock.

🔧 Comprehensive Management: From cybersecurity training for crews to remote system maintenance and compliance management, ShipGuard AI™ is your holistic cybersecurity solution.

What Dryad Global brings to the table isn't just cybersecurity. It's a promise of peace of mind in a digital age, where luxury yachts can cruise the world's waters, unburdened and secure.


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