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Dryad Global: Counter Narcotics Report 2023

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Dryad Global's Counter Narcotics Report is a must-read for all maritime professionals. This comprehensive report provides an in-depth analysis of the global drug trafficking industry and its impact on commercial shipping. The report also provides valuable insights on how to mitigate the risks of drug smuggling and protect your vessel, crew, and cargo.

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Written by Dryad Global Analyst, Andrea Peniche Cobo, here are just a few of the things you'll learn from the report:

  • The latest trends in drug trafficking, including the use of new technologies and routes
  • The most at-risk ports and regions
  • The most common methods of drug concealment
  • How to identify the signs of drug smuggling
  • What to do if you suspect your vessel is involved in drug trafficking

The Dryad Global Counter Narcotics Report is an essential resource for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the drug trafficking threat. Access your copy today!

Here's a look at the report's summary:

" Global drug smuggling methods are rapidly evolving within the maritime domain. These changes are costing shipping companies millions of dollars in extra operating costs through fines, vessel seizures, detentions and arrests. Smuggling organizations have typically hidden their narcotics within legitimate cargo inside shipping containers. These containers are then loaded with illegal narcotics before they are put onboard cargo vessels, unbeknownst to shipping companies and crews. Smuggling organizations use a variety of methods to move their products at sea, including small boats, at sea transfers, semi-submersibles and aircraft. To do so, they recruit smaller cargo vessels, fishing vessels, support vessels and crews to receive and offload illegal narcotics via at sea transfers or within ports. While historically smuggling organizations haven’t widely involved crew members onboard the larger cargo vessels, this has begun to change in recent years and Smuggling organizations are now putting major efforts into recruiting (through force, extortion, and threats) crew members from major global shipping organizations to facilitate the transportation of illegal narcotics."

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