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LTTE sea mine found at Mullivaikkal

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A Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Sea mine is believed to have washed a shore at Mullivaikkal, Mullaitivu. 
LTTE sea mine

A massive LTTE sea mine which is believed to have washed ashore at Mullivaikkal, Mullaitivu was found on Tuesday while a landmine buried in a home garden in Iranapalai, Pudukuduirippu, Mullaitivu exploded on the same evening injuring a woman.

Some fishermen had discovered the sea mine which had washed up on the beach in Mullivaikkal, Mullaitivu on June 15 and informed the Mullivaikkal Police.

The Police, Police Special Task Force and Army had arrived and carried out initial investigations into the sea mine. Mullaitivu Security Forces believe that this mine would have been fixed by Sea Tiger members to destroy Navy vessels in the Mullaitivu Sea and that it would have been dislodged and drifted onto the beach.

Since it was dangerous to shift the mine from where it was found, Mullivaikkal Police took steps to obtain a Court Order to explode and destroy it on the beach itself.

A woman was wounded in a bomb explosion that took place in the garden of a house in Iranapalai, Pudukuduirippu, Mullaitivu and was admitted to the Pudukuduirippu Hospital on 15 evening.

Meanwhile, investigations revealed that the landmine explosion in a home garden occurred when a woman had set fire to a heap of garbage, triggering the explosion and causing injuries to her. The woman was identified as 64-year-old Maniyarathnam Indrani, a resident at Fifth Lane, Amman Kovil Road, Iranapalai, Mullaitivu. The Police and the Army are carrying out further investigations into the incident. Meanwhile, a 20-year-old youth who impersonated a Policeman and had a fake Police Identity Card was arrested at Kopay in Jaffna. The youth who is a resident in Achchuveli in Jaffna was to be produced before the Jaffna Magistrate’s Court.


Source: Daily News - Rasul Dilhara Gamage