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Seychelles Demonstrates How Smaller Nations Can Effectively Combat Piracy

Earlier this year, the Seychelles Coast Guard vessel, Topaz, was diverted to respond to a Somali pirate attack on a Sri Lankan fishing trawler near the Seychelles exclusive economic zone.


On January 1, 2024, Nigerian pirates attacked the Hana 1, a small chemical tanker in Equatorial Guinea's waters, kidnapping nine crew members.

Bangladesh’s Growing Role in Maritime Security

The resurgence of piracy in the western Indian Ocean, triggered by Houthi attacks on international shipping in late 2023, has created opportunities for Somali pirates, resulting in 18 hijackings..


In January 2024, the Seychelles Coast Guard demonstrated its capacity to counter piracy when they rescued a Sri Lankan fishing trawler, Lorenzo Putha 4, hijacked by Somali pirates.

Comparing Gray-Zone Tactics in the Red Sea and the South China Sea

Gray-zone tactics, which operate between peace and war, are increasingly used by actors to further their interests without engaging in open conflict.

Piracy blues: Understanding the resurgence of Somali maritime threat

In December 2023, Somali pirates made headlines with a daring hijacking, showcasing their continued menace.

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EU-Seychelles accord could slow Indian Ocean drug trade

In October 2023, Seychelles and the European Union (EU) reached a pivotal agreement allowing the transfer of suspected drug and weapons traffickers from EU Naval Force to Seychelles for prosecution.

How maritime law enforcement can combat China’s gray-zone aggression

In recent events, China's Coast Guard has displayed aggression in the South China Sea, notably forcing a Filipino fishing crew away from Scarborough Shoal, a territory recognized as belonging to the..

In the EU’s Indo-Pacific Strategy, the Sum of its Parts is Greater Than the Whole

The recent EU engagements in the Indo-Pacific, including the third EU-Indo Pacific Ministerial Forum and the 24th ASEAN-EU Ministerial Meeting, highlighted significant differences between European..

How the Indian Navy has become the first responder against piracy

The Indian Navy has demonstrated its swift and effective response to piracy by rescuing crew members from the hijacked Bulgarian ship MV Ruen and apprehending 35 pirates off the coast of Somalia.