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        India’s Maritime Security: What Are The Challenges And Why Securing The Seas Is Priority

        Maritime power plays a vital role in ensuring geopolitical stability and progression of geoeconomics, and India’s geography makes a compelling case for maritime expansion and strategic ties.

        Shippers unlikely to see lower insurance premiums despite lesser Indian Ocean piracy risk

        Shipowners and charterers carrying commodities in the Indian Ocean are unlikely to see lower insurance premiums in the near term despite industry bodies’ decision to remove the region’s High Risk..

        Who Will Call The Shots In The Indian Ocean? – Analysis

        Indian Ocean security is an enduring maritime issue. Tensions on the high seas also include focusing on the Indian Ocean. As an area of water, policing and securing these sea lanes has always been a..

        India’s Strategic Islands Get A $3.4B Investment

        Japan’s grant of $3.42 billion (¥4.02 billion) to stabilize the electricity supply in India’s strategically located Andaman and Nicobar Islands in March 2021 highlights the islands’ vital..

        Europe’s role in Gulf maritime security

        In February 2022, the Council of the European Union (E.U.) gathered in Brussels to discuss the extension of the Coordinated Maritime Presence (CMP) concept to the North-Western Indian Ocean.

        Suspicious Approach - 351nm NNE Socotra

        Reporting from UKMTO indicates that an MV was approached by two small crafts with four POB on each. The crafts are reported to have come within 0.5nm of of the vessel. A larger craft and a third..

        Can 'Nato of the seas' ensure stability in trade in the Indian Ocean?

        A mariner’s map is the inverse of a landlubber’s: the continents are blanks while coastlines and seas are rich with symbols. The same inversion of perspective illuminates energy geopolitics.

        EU offers encrypted tool to fight maritime security threats in Indo-Pacific

        The European Union is seeking to ramp up its maritime security influence in the Indo-Pacific by offering access to a web-based platform that enables member countries’ navies and coastguards to..

        Kenya unveils state of the art maritime facility

        Kenya has heightened its war against transnational organized crime in its terrestrial borders by unveiling a one of its kind training facility to boost enforcement capacity of maritime security.

        Seafearers without permits to be poured out of Kenyan waters

        All seafarers seeking to venture into deep sea on Kenya’s territorial waters will be required to be certified by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)and the Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA).