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Meet the Dryad Global team at Miami International Boat Show 2023

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This week our team will be on location at the Miami International Boat Show 2023 to showcase our ARMS™ maritime risk and intelligence technology to Superyacht Managers and Operators.

Superyachts are premium vessels used by leisure, corporate and government clients alike. Passenger safety, crew preparedness, equipment and emergency procedures are top priorities. Superyacht operators need real-time critical voyage information to monitor geographic, political and criminal activity to protect their clients, crews and assets.

Are your shore-based security and intelligence teams equipped with the most effective tools to receive real-time risk intelligence? Dryad Global’s ARMS(Automated Risk Management Solution) offers best in class information and intelligence for global marine operations.

ARMS™ is the first system of its kind to deliver integrated risk intelligence with lightning-fast critical security communications direct to yacht owners and security managers on shore, and captains and crews at sea.

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The ARMS Fleet Manager software provides a unified view of your global fleet along with real time analysed intelligence. ARMS is accessible through any internet enabled device with a suite of tools to help you make intelligence decisions in real time:

  • Vessel tracking and risk intelligence alerts.
  • Secure connection to ARMS shipboard (separate product)
  • Alerts and updates on port, maritime regions, crew transfers, and country risks.
  • Dryad Global 24/7 analyst support team access.
  • A curated open source analysed intelligence feed.
  • Ability to create your own company, client and vessel-specific alerts.

ARMS Fleet Manager provides clear and concise high-quality information with real, actionable value to make decisions fast and with confidence. Its data visualisations are featured in a user-friendly portal, displaying incidents and information on the map exactly how you want to see them.

For your onboard needs, ARMS Shipboard offers next level locational and operational risk intelligence you can trust to run 24/7 on ultra-low bandwidth. It provides real-time maritime domain awareness and risk intelligence for your captains and crews.

ARMS Cyber is an end-to-end cyber security management solution. It offers cybersecurity, assurance, and threat monitoring aboard vessels. Dryad Global can scan shipboard and shore-based networks for known network vulnerabilities, provide mitigation recommendations, emergency incident response, shipboard cybersecurity management, and much more.

Dryad Global’s proven risk intelligence and cybersecurity expertise is bolstered by our team’s extensive Naval, Defence and US Coast Guard experience, enabling the development and delivery of critical technologies required by today’s superyacht managers: portable and adaptable platforms offering low-cost, high-value risk intelligence.

Get voyage critical, location-specific information and real-time access to data on global maritime issues, country, port and area risk analysis - plus information on disease outbreaks, weather, cyber threats, port delays, civil unrest, piracy, and other issues. Full fleet tracking is provided via secure, direct communications links to vessels. Critical information is securely provided to a captain and crew in real-time to support rapid decision making. There’s no downtime waiting for emails, messages or calls regarding global maritime incidents.

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