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Uncharted Waters: AI's Impact on Maritime & Shipping

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Out now: Navigating the Future: Opportunities of A.I. Based Solutions. Watch the full seminar from Dryad Global and Norton Rose Fulbright at London International Shipping Week. 

In today's complex global landscape, industry stalwarts are in dire need of smart tools to sift through overwhelming data, seeking clarity and direction.

This seminar filmed during London International Shipping Week 2023 delves into the fascinating realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the opportunities it presents for the maritime and shipping industry.


Hear from industry leading voices including Phil Roche from Norton Rose Fulbright, Richard Doherty, CIRM's Executive Director, Marco Camporeale of Inmarsat Maritime and Dr Rory Hopcraft from Plymouth University, moderated by Dryad Global's CEO Corey Ranslem.

As our world continues to grow in complexity, it becomes increasingly critical for industry players to efficiently filter through a sea of information and extract meaningful, actionable insights. The transformative potential of AI technology offers a lifeline for this challenge, opening up vast opportunities for enhancing operational efficiency and strategic decision-making.

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