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2021 SAFETY 4 SEA Virtual Forum on Maritime Security & Anti Piracy

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The 2021 SAFETY4SEA Virtual Forum is scheduled as a 3-day event from Tuesday 19th to Thursday 21st of October. The event aims to support a target group of Technical, Safety, Operations & Marine departments of Ship Operators and other industry stakeholders who operate in the shipping and logistics industry.

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Panel 4 (Day 2) is all about maritime security and anti piracy. In first half of 2021, IMB reported a decline in piracy incidents while from September, the geographic boundaries of the ‘High Risk Area’ for piracy in the Indian Ocean have been reduced. Nonetheless, maritime piracy today remains a complex challenge to international law, world trade and needless to say, the safety and security of seafarers (especially in West Africa).

Dryad Global's Munro Anderson will be joining the panel to debate topics covering the following questions:

  • What are the key challenges concerning maritime security?
  • What are the lessons learned from the recent incidents?
  • Is the current regulatory framework satisfactory to mitigate piracy risks and improve maritime security?
  • How do the pandemic and the global crisis impact maritime security in short and long term?
  • How could we improve transparency and reporting of the undetected illicit activities?

The panel will feature insights from leading experts operating in the maritime security sector including:

▶️Mr. Munro AndersonDryad Global, Founding Partner
▶️Mr. Chirag Bahri, Director of Regions
▶️Capt. Kostas Bourliaskos, Latsco Marine Management, CSO
▶️Lt. CDR. Diego Cánovas CánovasEuropean Union Naval Force Somalia Operation ATALANTA, Interagency and Shipping Advisor, Coordinator
▶️Mr. Nikos GeorgopoulosDIAPLOUS group, Chief Business Development Officer

Register to attend the free virtual event here.