Advisory - Gulf of Guinea (Sighting)

Reporting indicates that a small boat suspected of involvement with piracy has been sighted 202nm SW Brass Port

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21 April 2021 1205 UTC


01°10.34N 004°57.40E


202nm SW Brass Port

Vessel Dimensions

Small Craft

Vessel Type

Small Craft

Source Confidence Level


2020nm SW Brass

Incident Overview

Authorities received a second reported indicating that a small boat suspected to be involved in piracy has been sighted 202nm SW Brass Port.

This is the second such sighting within 3hrs. This latest report is 173nm SE of the previous report indicating that they are highly unlikely to be reports concerning the same vessel. 

Mariners are advised to maintain a safe distance from this position and exercise extreme caution when transiting this area.


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