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Intensified Pressure: Why Are There Increased Military Threats to International Maritime Navigation?

Russia’s Caspian Flotilla has been dominant in the inland sea for so long that many have ignored the fact that, over the past several years, it has ceased to be the only national navy that matters.

Pentagon: No ‘Drop’ in Iran Threat to Ships, As F-35s and Harriers Keep Flying over the Gulf

More than a month after the Pentagon announced it was sending Air Force F-35s, thousands of U.S. Marines and Sailors, and American warships to the Persian Gulf region in response to Iran’s attempted..

Iran’s Raisi demands return of $7 billion in frozen assets from S. Korea

A sum of $7 billion in revenue from the sale of petrochemical and oil products is being withheld from the Islamic Republic of Iran between two South Korean banks, Iranian state-run Mehr News Agency..

Iran's Proxy Fleets-in-Being

When discussing the risks posed by Iran’s asymmetric capabilities and proxy tactics at sea, observers have overlooked the possibility of Tehran employing a historical maritime strategy called the..

Iran-Arab Gulf Joint Naval Force and China’s ‘Collective Security Architecture’

The imploding geopolitical core of West Asia frequently spews out explosive new threats and unstable strategic alliances that often fizzle out in time. Many grandiose initiatives, such as the..

Iran-GCC ‘naval alliances’ could put maritime security at risk

The most likely outcome to anticipate is the establishment of procedural arrangements centered around regulatory agreements and understandings.

Iran wants to lure disaffected American allies to a new naval coalition in the Indian Ocean

Officials from the United Arab Emirates recently announced the country stopped participating with the Combined Maritime Forces, a 34-member coalition task force fighting terrorism and piracy in the..

US Navy says Iran seized Marshall Islands-flagged oil tanker in Gulf of Oman

Iran has seized a Marshall Islands-flagged oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman while it was in transit in international waters, the United States Navy said on Thursday.

Saudi Arabia’s Big Bet in Yemen

Saudi Arabia is understandably desperate to get out of Yemen. But gambling that ending Yemen’s regional war will somehow curtail its civil war is a bad bet.

Countering Smuggling in the Arabian Sea: Multinational Approach Delivering Results

On December 27, 2022, while patrolling the Arabian Sea, the French frigate FNS Guépratte intercepted a fishing vessel aiming to smuggle illegal drugs. Laden with roughly 7,700 pounds of hashish and..