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        Approach - Bab al Mandab – 13nm NE Khor Angar

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        Reporting indicates when transiting within Red Sea, a survey vessel, name unknown, spotted a skiff approaching the starboard bow. The alert was raised on-board and the embarked security team prepared the bridge and displayed their weapons. Fire pump started, lockdown completed. The survey vessel turned to port and made an announcement on VHF Ch16. The skiff, was reported to have had up to eight persons on board, came to within 0.5nm before aborting its approach.

        This is the 5th approach within the lower Red Sea and Gulf of Aden within 2022 and 7th incident overall. The reported incident appears to have been absent of hostile intent or compromise of vessel or crew safety. Vessels transiting the region are advised to ensure that a posture of alertness is maintained despite the low threat from piracy related incidents. High levels of small boat activity have the potential to increase the false alarm rate. Such vessels are often poorly maintained and often unlit at night.