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        Colombian Navy seizes 7.41 tonnes of cocaine in 4 maritime operations

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        The Colombian Naval Forces has intercepted three submarines and a speed boat with 7.41 tonnes of cocaine in national and international waters. 

        "In four operations conducted in national and international waters, a total of 7,410 kilograms [16,336 pounds] of cocaine have been seized, as well as three semi-submersible vessels and a speed boat, which inflicted a financial damage of USD 249 million to the drug business organisations," the navy said in a statement.

        About 5.5 tonnes of cocaine have been seized from two submarines near Malpelo Island in the Pacific Ocean. The operation was carried out in cooperation with the US Joint Special Operations Command and resulted in the detention of three Ecuadorian and three Colombian citizens.

        Over 90 per cent of the global coca plantations are located in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia, which makes these countries crucial for international drug trafficking. 

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