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Dryad Flags Red Sea 'Electronic Warfare' Alert

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In Dryad Global's recent Maritime Security Threat Advisory (MSTA), we highlighted a concerning "electronic warfare/interference" alert in the Red Sea. 

The advisory, prompted by UKMTO reports, signaled disruptions to electronic navigation systems, emphasizing incidents near Ras Al Zour, Saudi Arabia.

Dryad's MSTA underscored the potential risks posed by electronic warfare, which encompasses targeting navigation systems and infiltrating critical ship systems. While typically a military capability, there are concerns that Houthi forces may have access to such equipment, potentially facilitated by Iranian support.

The vulnerability of commercial vessels to cyber threats is a significant concern, necessitating urgent mitigation measures. Designating Yemen as "critical" in its risk assessment, Dryad highlighted numerous incidents in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

In response, UKMTO urged masters to report disruptions, emphasizing the need for detailed incident notifications. Describing itself as a Royal Navy conduit, UKMTO facilitates information exchange between military and maritime trade.

Dryad's analysis of the Red Sea emphasizes its strategic importance as a vital shipping lane, crucial for global energy transportation. Recent events, including attempted attacks on U.S.-flagged vessels by Houthi forces, underscore the region's volatility and the imperative of safeguarding maritime security.

U.S. Central Command's interventions to thwart missile launches and engage hostile threats aim to protect freedom of navigation and enhance maritime safety for coalition and merchant vessels. Amidst escalating tensions, ensuring the security of international waters remains paramount.

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Source: Rig Zone