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Ukraine deserves major praise for maritime wins, beating back Russia along Black Sea

Ukraine's 2023 counteroffensive has stirred varied reactions in the West, with many focusing on land victories- overlooking significant maritime successes.

A Sober Analysis of Ukrainian Success in the Black Sea (Thord Are Iversen)

Former Royal Norwegian Navy Officer Thord Are Iversen recently visited CIMSEC's 'Sea Control' podcast to discuss the intricacies of the Ukraine/Russia battle for the Black Sea.

The Increasing Risks of Black Sea Shipping

In the wake of the conflict in Ukraine, the Black Sea has become a hotbed of turmoil, endangering ships ferrying Ukrainian grain.

UK says Russia plotting to sabotage Ukrainian grain vessels with sea mines

Based on ‘declassified intelligence’, UK says Russia targeting civilian shipping on approaches to Black Sea ports.

As Ukraine reels from attacks on land, conflict at sea signals hope

Drones and missiles keep Russian fleet at bay and supplies and trade flowing at ports.

Op-Ed: How the world tanker market split due to the Ukraine war

In the war at sea between the U.S.-NATO alliance and Russia, the Russian shipping company Sovcomflot says its future has never been better. The U.S. State Department directing the sanctions campaign..

Russia In The Black Sea: The Law Of Armed Conflict At Sea Needs Due Consideration Alongside UNCLOS

The Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) applicable at sea must be considered alongside the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) 1982 and military intent of the Kremlin for influence of Russian..

Maritime security in the Black Sea is an international problem

The West – with or without the US Navy – needs to return to the Black Sea to help break the maritime blockade, protect humanitarian shipping to fight global famine, and, not least, uphold universal..

Did Russia commit a war crime in leaving the Ukraine grain deal?

On July 17, Russia announced that it had withdrawn from the Black Sea Grain Initiative (“the Initiative”), a deal brokered in 2022 by the United Nations (UN) and Turkey that allowed Ukraine to safely..

NATO Convoys Can Protect Ukraine’s Grain Harvest From Putin

In addition to ending Russian participation in the grain deal — which was brokered with the aid of the United Nations and Turkey — Putin said he may begin attacking grain ships still plying the..