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        First Ukraine grain ship since start of war leaves Odesa

        A ship carrying grain left the Ukrainian port of Odesa for foreign markets on Monday under a safe passage agreement, a Ukrainian minister said, the first departure since the Russian invasion blocked..

        Russia's new naval doctrine calls US, NATO main sources of threat to national sea security

        The United States' pursuit of global maritime dominance and the growth in NATO activity are the main threat to Russia's national maritime security (/topic/maritime-security), according to the new..

        Bridge Watch: Black Sea Grain Initiative & Maritime Security

        In this episode of Bridge Watch with Dryad Global CEO Corey Ranslem, he talks about the recent agreement signed between Russia, Ukraine and Turkey to have a transit corridor in the Black Sea through..

        Metis Insights: Black Sea Grain Initiative Analysis

        On 22nd July 2022, Ukraine and Russia signed agreements with Turkiye to facilitate the export of grain, foodstuffs, and fertilisers from Ukraine.

        Russian missiles strike Odesa port hours after grain deal, claims Odesa MP

        A Ukrainian MP has claimed Russian missiles struck a key Ukrainian port Saturday morning, only hours after Kyiv and Moscow signed a landmark deal to unblock shipments of grain

        Stella Maris: Ukraine's Seafarers Need Help to Maintain Their Careers

        Stella Maris is working with crewing agencies to help out-of-work Ukrainian seafarers remain employable.

        Russian launch two missiles hitting Moldovan tanker

        The Russian aircraft again fired missiles at Odesa region, repeatedly hitting the Moldova-flagged Millennial Spirit tanker which drifts in the Black Sea without a crew.

        Removing Russian Sea Mines Near Key Ukraine Ports Could Take Months

        Removing sea mines near Ukraine’s key ports could take months, and hundreds of seafarers are still stranded in the region following Russia’s invasion of the country, according to the United Nations..

        Russia says two Ukrainian ports ready to ship grain but Kyiv must demine coast

        Russia says that two major Ukrainian ports on the Sea of Azov seized by Russian forces were ready to resume grain shipments, but the Kremlin said Kyiv still needed to demine the approaches to its..