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        Iran’s navy prevents pirate attack in Gulf of Aden

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        An Iranian warship on Saturday prevented an attack by pirates against two oil tankers that it was escorting in the Gulf of Aden, the country’s naval chief said.
        “Navy commandos were successful in repulsing this morning the attack by pirates against an Iranian commercial convoy in the Gulf of Aden,” said navy commander Admiral Shahram Irani, quoted on Saturday by the official IRNA news agency.
        “The destroyer Alborz was escorting two oil tankers when they were attacked by five pirate ships,” he said, noting that Iranian shots were fired, forcing “the attackers to leave the area.”

        Arab News 16 Oct 21

        Iran’s navy prevents pirate attack in Gulf of Aden

        Dryad Comment

        If confirmed this would be the 6th reported approach within 2021. Details regarding the incident remain sparse and thus it remains impossible to confirm piratical intent by the approaching vessels. Approaches against vessels transiting the Gulf of Aden remains the foremost reporting theme within the area however thus far there have been no incidents that have tangibly compromised vessel or crew safety. The low volume of incident reports alongside an absence of persistent and sustained approaches, or attacks against smaller vulnerable vessels would strongly indicate a low piratical threat within the area.