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Maritime Cyber Security & Risk Management for Yachts and Yacht Managers

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Questionable intelligence feeds, poor communication, crew error, reputational risk, cyber threats - how do operators, captains and CSOs get the assurance they need when their vessel and business are teetering on the brink of critical security failings?

At Dryad Global we provide pro-active maritime cyber risk management, assurance and threat monitoring to protect people and assets at sea and ashore.

Your management team doesn’t always need to be on a reactive footing. ARMS™ by Dryad Global allows you to take control of your fleets' complete security needs across multi-domains. You and your team can focus on other business operations knowing that your risk mitigation is robust and assured.

Dryad Global provides maritime cybersecurity services that meet current and existing recognized international (IMO) standards including various flag states, NIST, BIMCO, and multiple insurance company and underwriter requirements.

ARMS™ is the connected solution for 21st Century Shipping. Our team of maritime cyber security experts have pulled together a Quick Guide to ISO/IEC  21005, CIA Triad & NIST guidelines specific to yachts and yacht managers.


Quick Guide to ISO/IEC 21005, CIA Triad & NIST CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


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The ARMS™ platform by Dryad Global is the first system to deliver integrated risk intelligence with lightning-fast critical security communications direct to CSOs on shore and Captains at sea.

ARMS Cyber™ utilises the core ARMS platform to deliver an end-to-end fleet security management solution. It’s designed by our team of professional mariners who have senior-level experience operating across the US Coast Guard, Governments, Militaries and Prime commercial clients.  

Designed by mariners for mariners, with easy installation and extremely low system overheads, it works silently protecting your people, assets and reputation. 


Our ARMS Cyber™


Dryad Global, through our ARMS Cyber™ platform provide a variety of services to help you identify, protect, detect, respond and recover. We can quickly and cost effectively assess and provide recommendations to help you secure your networks and ensure you are in compliance with current IMO regulations.

Our team will work to help you put a maritime cyber security compliance plan together that meets IMO and Flag State Compliance. ARMS Cyber™ services include:

  • Complete maritime cyber security from shore to sea
  • Full network assurance
  • Immediate detection of cyber threats to prevent maritime cyber attacks before they escalate
  • Shipboard vulnerability scanning
  • IMO 2021, NIST and flag state standard
  • Threat monitoring
  • Maritime specific threat library
  • Incident response ready


  • Security Audits and Assessments

  • Network security designs

  • Education and Awareness Training for Crew and Shore-Side Personnel

  • Provide specific required ISM/ISPS/MTSA security plan language for flag state, country or port state control compliance

Penetration Testing and ethical Hacking


  • Scan shipboard networks for known network vulnerabilities and provide mitigation recommendations

  • Monitor critical shipboard IT/OT networks for cybersecurity threats in real time

  • Full end Point Monitoring and SOC services

  • Connection/Integration of Shipboard Data to Shore-side Cyber Operations


  • Emergency cybers incident response


  • Digital Forensics & Investigation