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        National Oil Corporation (NOC) Kidnapping

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        The National Oil Corporation (NOC) condemns the kidnapping of two of its employees and demands their immediate release.

        The National Oil Corporation confirms the disappearance of two of its employees in mysterious circumstances yesterday morning, October 17, 2021 in the capital, Tripoli, immediately after their going out. They are Mr. Khalid Al-Ati, Chairman of the Management Committee of the Libyan Oil Institute, and Mr. Medhat Al-Zayani, an employee of Akakus Oil Operations Company.

        Whatever the motives and circumstances of the disappearance, whether detention, arrest or kidnapping, the National Oil Corporation strongly condemns this act and refuses to harm any of its employees without the permission of the Public Prosecution, and demands the immediate release of Mr. Khaled" and Mr. "Medhat" immediately. The kidnappers will be held responsible for their safety and for their safe return to their families.

        Finally, the National Oil Corporation expresses its deep concern about such actions that would impede the work of this vital and sensitive sector and stand in the way of achieving its objectives. NOC also confirms that it will resort to all legal means and it is in the process of addressing the Office of the Attorney General in particular.

        Issued in Tripoli
        National Oil Corporation
        18 October 2021.