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Libya ports

Will Haftar announce his plan to divide Libya in two?

It is claimed that Khalifa Haftar, the leader of the armed forces in eastern Libya, will make a statement on the de facto separation of the east and west of the country on December 24. Since the Arab..

Libya’s Economic Chaos Worsens As Result of Global Oil And Gas Supply Crisis

Libya sits on the largest known oil reserves in Africa and is heavily dependent on revenues from oil and gas exports. In more recent years, it has been controlled at various points by rebels and the..

Libya suspends oil shipments from key port amid political crisis

Libya’s state oil company suspended shipments from the key eastern port of Ras Lanuf, according to people familiar with the matter, amid a worsening political crisis in the OPEC member. The National..

Libya To Open All Ports When Oil Revenue Dispute Is Resolved

Libya expects to open all its oil loading terminals after it sets up a mechanism for a fair distribution of the country’s oil revenues among the regions, Parliament Speaker Aqila Saleh told U.S...

Al-Zawiya oil facility damaged during clashes

Clashes between government-allied militias caused damage to at least 29 oil sites, including storage tanks, at the Zawiya refinery complex

Political rift sparks Libyan force majeure

Libya’s National Oil Corp. (NOC) has declared force majeure on exports of Mellitah crude, following problems at the El Feel field.

Libya: A Return to Uncertainty

It appears that all bets are off in Libya. Elections that were scheduled for last December were postponed as competing institutions and individuals interpret past agreements according to their..

Armed Groups Clash in Libyan Capital

Clashes reportedly broke out in Libya's Capital between rival armed groups near the port of Tripoli.   

Live Firing Restricted Zone - Libya

A Libyan Coast Guard prohibited zone is currently in place offshore of Derna for live firing exercises. 

Samah & Al Dhahra fields to ESidra port: closure notice

The NOC has announced that beginning midnight of Sunday, January 2, 2022, and at 00:01, to conduct the necessary maintenance operations for the main crude oil pumping line linking between Samah & Al..