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The Challenge of Maritime Security in the Global South

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In the complex realm of maritime security, the Global South faces new and emerging threats that demand collaborative strategies in order to effectively improve interoperability among government agencies, share intelligence, and establish regional rules.

The challenges presented include widespread security threats like illegal fishing, climate change, and human trafficking, along with the use of asymmetrical war tactics such as land-based missiles and combat drones.

Addressing these threats goes beyond military action, requiring substantial commitment of resources and expertise over sustained periods. However, the absence of precedents and the disproportionate impact of these issues on less developed states pose significant challenges. Additionally, disparities in maritime capabilities, cross-jurisdictional linkages, and varying security priorities are continuing to hinder effective cooperation among affected countries.


Maritime Security: Is this risk real?


India's approach involves initiatives like Maritime Vision 2030, which aims at the sector's growth and development. The Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative is another apect of the region's approach, built on pillars like maritime ecology and disaster risk reduction to address shared challenges.

A collaborative, multi-faceted approach to maritime security is essential, demanding integrated security operations and regulatory frameworks aligned with international law. This concerted effort is crucial in safeguarding the maritime domain in the Global South.


Source: The Hindu