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The Challenge of Maritime Security in the Global South

In the complex realm of maritime security, the Global South faces new and emerging threats that demand collaborative strategies in order to effectively improve interoperability among government..

Safe Shipping: A Forgotten Aspect of Maritime Security in the Pacific

In the vast panorama of maritime security, the often-overlooked facet of maritime safety holds paramount importance, encompassing regulations, seafarer welfare, and environmental preservation. Sadly,..

ASEAN Maritime Security and What Next Week’s Navy Exercises Mean

Australia’s experience and reputation can support Southeast Asia’s aim of multipolarity. And it doesn’t need to be flashy.

Stay on Top of Global Maritime Issues

South-east Australia marine heatwave forecast to be literally off the scale

Patch of Tasman sea expected to warm over spring and summer to temperatures that risk significant losses to sea life

Stay on Top of Global Maritime Issues

As Australia strengthens its ties with the Philippines, it’s wading even further into the dangerous South China Sea

At the end of last week, 1,200 Australian troops took part in a joint military exercise in the Philippines with hundreds of Filipino and American forces. Their mission: simulating the retaking of an..

Stay on Top of Global Maritime Issues


The western Indian Ocean – home to the island states of Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles and Comoros, as well as the French territories of La Reunion and Mayotte – occupies little space in..

India and Australia should join forces to support maritime security in the Pacific

India’s engagement with Pacific island countries would benefit from appointing a dedicated defence adviser to the region, possibly based at the high commission in Suva, Fiji.

Countries call on flag states to crack down on dark STS oil transfers

Australia, Canada and the US have made a joint submission to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to debate ways to end the use of ship-to-ship (STS) transfers of Russian crude oil.

Papua New Guinea wants security treaty with Australia

Australian Defence Minister Richard Marles said on Wednesday Papua New Guinea had proposed a security treaty between both countries amid increasing tensions in the Pacific islands after China struck..

Axed French submarines deal to cost Australia up to $5.5 billion

Australia will be forced to pay up to Aus$5.5 billion (US$4.1 billion) to exit a submarine deal with France in favor of acquiring nuclear-powered US or British models.