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Suspicious Approach - 8nm NW Perim, Yemen

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UKMTO reporting indicates that a vessel was approached within the Bab al Mandab Strait, 8nm NW Perim Island. Reporting states that the single craft contained 6 persons. Ladders were sighted. AST raised weapons resulting in the small craft departing.

Dryad Comment: This is the second such reported incident within the Bab al Mandab strait within October with a previous incident reported on the 03 October 21. 

This latest incident is the 6th officially reported incident in 2021 within the wider MSTC, however Iranian state media reported an approach against 2 tankers in transit within the Gulf of Aden by 5 small craft, on the 16 October 21 reportedly resulted in Iranian Navy firing shots at the approaching craft. 



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