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Bridge Watch: Designated High-Risk Areas

In this week’s Bridge Watch, Dryad Global CEO Corey Ranslem talks about High-Risk Areas.

Suspicious Approach - 8nm NW Perim, Yemen

UKMTO reporting indicates that a vessel was approached within the Bab al Mandab Strait, 8nm NW Perim Island. Reporting states that the single craft contained 6 persons. Ladders were sighted. AST..

Designated Risk Areas - Arbitrary Lines or Useful Tools for the Illustration of risk?

The ownership and authority to define risk based on the parameters and locations of HRAs continues to be contested and fraught with issues and unintended consequences.

Why pirates attack: Geospatial evidence

"I believe the title of pirate should be given to those who come to our waters illegally.”

Boarding - 208nm South Lagos

Reporting indicates that a MV was boarded 208nm South of Lagos.

UPDATE - Kidnapping - 213nm South Cotonou

Reporting indicates that Maltese flagged MT DAVIDE B (IMO9721750) has been boarded by 9 armed individuals 213nm South Cotonou, 15 crew reported kidnapped.

Suspicious Approach - 105nm SE Nishtun

UKMTO reporting indicates that that a vessel has reported being approached by four small craft.

Explosion - Gulf of Oman

Reporting indicates that an explosion has occurred on a vessel in the Gulf of Oman

False Allegation of Attack - 17nm West Okwori Terminal

Reporting indicates that claims that an SEV was attacked 17nm West of Okwori resulting in the death of two personnel were false and the result of fictitious reporting.

Boarding - 108nm NW Sao Tome

Reporting indicates that the MT MARIA E has been boarded 108nm SW Sao Tome in the vicinity of the previously reported Hijacked LIANPENGYU 809.