The Best Superyachts To Charter This Festive Season

Following the craziness of 2020, a private yacht charter could just be the best (and safest) way to spend the festive season. 

With the promise of isolation from crowds and plenty of facilities to entertain the whole family, yachts give guests a unique opportunity to shield from the pandemic and enjoy a truly free celebration with loved ones.

“In this Covid era, yacht charter is even more relevant offering a safe, controlled and impeccably clean environment combined with the best service, food, luxury surroundings and privacy one could want from a holiday,”says Charles Crane, charter broker at Edmiston.

“Edmiston have an enviable reputation in the yacht industry, with our team known for exceeding clients’ expectations at the highest level. No request is too big or small,” he adds. “There are super options available in the Bahamas, Caribbean or even the Maldives.”

Wherever you wish to set sail, here are some of the top superyachts currently available to charter during the upcoming festive period, including everything you need to know about cost, capacity and possible locations.

Cost: €1,470,000 p/w

Location: Caribbean & Bahamas

Sleeps: 12 guests across seven cabins, 33 crew

Lady S superyacht sails on the ocean at sunset

The Feadship Lady S superyacht is available to charter for the 2020 festive season

Lady S superyacht's glass-bottom swimming pool

Lady S features a glass-bottom swimming pool, among other facilities

Known as ‘the belle of the bay’, this 84m superyacht is undeniably elegant. Designed by Michael Leach Design with naval architecture by Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects, Lady S is one of the newest yachts in our roundup. The magnificent boat has been sailing the seas since 2019, turning heads in every harbour.

See What's Inside

Outside, you’ll find a host of features including a glass-bottomed swimming pool, beach club with hammam, a basketball court, an interactive dance floor and two fire pits, while inside, prepare to be dazzled by crystal chandeliers and sparkling white interiors created by Reymond Langton Design. There’s also an IMAX Dolby theatre where you can catch up on the latest festive movies.


Cost: €1,000,000 p/w

Location: Caribbean & Bahamas

Sleeps: 12 guests across six cabins, 24 crew

The Feadship Savannah superyacht sails on the ocean

The Feadship Savannah superyacht is available to charter for the 2020 festive season

The sun deck on the Feadship Savannah superyacht

The Feadship Savannah superyacht is built to maximise guests' enjoyment of the views

Launch by Feadship’s De Vries shipyard in 2015, Savannah isn’t the newest yacht on our list but she remains one of most incredible superyachts in existence today. Feadship’s first ever hyrid superyacht, she’s got boast-worthy eco-credentials, an eye-catching metallic exterior and buckets of facilities to suit the whole family.

From the underwater lounge to the light-filled owner’s suite, every metre of this 84m vessel has been carefully considered and designed to maximise views of the yacht’s surroundings. If you can drag your gaze away from the panoramic vistas, there’s plenty to entertain, including a nine-metre pool, beach club, gym, spa and sun deck with DJ decks and a BBQ – because everything, including Christmas dinner, is better on a grill.

Planet Nine

Cost: from €650,000 p/w

Location: Flexible between the Caribbean, Red Sea or Indian Ocean

Sleeps: 12 guests across nine cabins, 20 crew

Planet Nine superyacht sails on the ocean, accompanied by custom tenders and a helicopter

The Planet Nine superyacht is available to charter for the 2020 festive season

The beach club on the Planet Nine superyacht

Planet Nine's beach club is the best place to soak up some winter sun

Never mind cloud nine, we’d rather be on Planet Nine. This incredible 73m explorer yacht, designed by Tim Heywood, is the most exciting vessels in her category. Sailing since 2018, Planet Nine offers guests a “360° charter experience” on both sea and land with powerful custom tenders and a fully operational helipad for every charter. While she’s an explorer, she still has all the benefits and amenities you’d expect from a luxury superyacht, including a beach club, Jacuzzi, sauna, cinema and a particularly striking owner’s deck.

Bleu de Nîmes

Cost: from €430,000 p/w

Location: Indian Ocean

Sleeps: 28 guests across 13 cabins, 23 crew

Bleu de Nîmes yacht sails on the ocean, surrounded by her tenders

Bleu de Nîmes yacht is available to charter for the 2020 festive season

The top deck of the Bleu de Nîmes superyacht, featuring two Jacuzzis

Bleu de Nîmes started life as a navy ship before being transformed into a luxury superyacht

If you’re planning a large getaway for the festive season, this could be the yacht for you. A former navy ship, Bleu de Nîmes sleeps 28 guests, meaning there’s plenty of space for children, parents, grandparents and the extended family.

The 72m yacht started life as a 1980 British Navy Degaussing ship before being transformed into a long-range cruiser 20 years later. Inside and outside, designers have taken care to preserve her colourful history, while making her more contemporary and adding in a host of facilities including various leisure and dining spaces, spacious sun decks, a fully-equipped spa, Jacuzzis and a sea terrace from which guests can board her four tenders and take out various water sports toys. New to the charter market in 2020, Bleu de Nîmes is ideal for an adventurous multi-generational family.

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