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          What can the superyacht industry do to protect against cyber attacks?

          Peter Sponer, Cyber Security Sales Manager for North Europe, discusses the cyber security risks facing superyachts today and how the industry can best mitigate these risks.

          Albania's superyacht infrastructure investment shows promise

          Albania has remained a side conversation when discussing The Adriatic, the smaller next-door neighbour to the hotspots, both north and south, brimming with potential but adjacent to the main event. 

          The cost of COVID for the crew sector

          With the COVID-19 pandemic severely restricting global travel, the movement of superyachts and their crew has been difficult. Although some countries have certain exemptions for seafarers arriving..

          Superyacht cyber security: the new threat facing billionaire owners

          Buyers at London superyacht conference shown the ease with which hackers can take control of vessels – and even procure private photos (this article was originally printed in 2017; however, it is..

          Caribbean: Where are the Yachts?

          Yacht movements in the Caribbean since March 2020 have been very different from those in past years. 

          Global Superyacht Security Summary - June Update

          The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges for superyacht owners and operators last year. However, as vaccine roll out continues apace in many superyacht destinations across the globe,..

          Luxury charter yachts ready to welcome guests in Turkey

          Turkey is preparing for the upcoming Mediterranean luxury yacht charter season with a series of easy to follow measures to ensure the safety of locals and travellers this summer season. Turkey is a..

          Aus-NZ superyacht travel now without quarantine

          Trans-Tasman bubble between New Zealand and Australia now available to superyachts on a case by case basis.

          What the Vaccine roll out means for superyacht owners and operators

            The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges for superyacht owners and operators last year. However, as vaccine roll out continues apace in many superyacht destinations across the globe,..

          Here’s How to Keep Your Crew From Being Pirated by Another Yacht

          Veteran yacht owners have been joined on the high seas over the past year by a flotilla of newer sailors, cast adrift from the corporate offices where once they were moved. Thanks to the popularity..