Access the latest Triton Scout Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 26th September 2022.


👉 In the Black Sea, Putin has partially mobilised Russia’s reservists to support its military campaign in Ukraine. This decision follows major military setbacks for Russian forces, who were driven from the areas they had captured in northeast Ukraine following a highly effective Ukrainian counter-offensive. Putin has also followed this statement with a thinly veiled nuclear threat to Ukraine and its Western allies. Despite these events there has been no a significant change in the immediate risk profile in the Black Sea. In the short-to-medium term there is a possibility of escalations in Putin’s offensives in port cities that could increase risk to vessels operating in Ukrainian TTW. At present, the grain deal is still in operation and there are no indications of an immediate threat to the continuance of the initiative. 

👉 In Haiti, political instability, fuel shortages, increasing gang activity, and the socioeconomic crisis have ignited further violent protests. Ports are reported to be working with limited staff and operations have slowed. The Port-au-Prince container terminal remains operational, but no land-based movements are taking place in or out of the port. Therefore, the terminal capacity could be challenged in unrest continues. 

👉 In Libya, on 25 September, violent clashes broke out in Zawiya city between rival militias loyal to Prime-Minister Dbeibah’s GNU. At least 5 individuals were killed and 13 injured. Militias used heavy weaponry, with reports of mobilisations and tanks in the city centre. Earlier, on 23 September, clashes occurred in sough-west Tripoli in Hai Assiam between Misratah and Zawiyaan militias. Both heavy and medium weapons were used. Clashes extended to Tripoli International Airport and the Islamic Call Society where the Security Directorate Support Force intervened. The clashes in Zawiya and Tripoli did not impact port operations. However, there were road closures and heightened security measures both during and following the clashes. Clashes in Tripoli and Zawiya are likely to continue to increase in frequency and severity.

👉 In the Gulf of Guinea, reports indicate that four unauthorised persons boarded an anchored ship in Takoradi anchorage in Ghana. They stole ship stores and escaped. This is the sixth incident of robbery at Takoradi anchorage in 2022. Incidents in the anchorage are commonly low-level and opportunistic.