Access the latest Triton Scout Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 1st August 2022

👉 On 1st August 22 the Sierra Leone-flagged vessel M/V RAZONI departed the Port of Odesa under the conditions of the UN brokered grain deal. The departure was anticipated on the 27 July, however, was delayed after the UN stated that “crucial” details for the safe passage of vessels were still being worked out. Following an attack last week on Odesa, on 26 July, Russian forces struck port infrastructure in Ukraine’s southern Mykolaiv region. Whilst these attacks cast doubt on Russia’s intent to honour the conditions of the grain deal, the departure of M/V RAZONI indicates that Russia is proceeding with the deal at least in the initial stages. 

Metis Insights: Black Sea Grain Initiative

👉 Within the Gulf of Aden, the Iran Navy has claimed to have prevented another pirate attack. Instances of the Iranian Navy claiming to have foiled a pirate attack have become increasingly common in line with an enhanced Iranian naval presence within the area. Despite these repeated claims, no evidence appears to be forthcoming to verify such incidents. It remains highly likely that Iran continues to seek to use the legacy threat of piracy as a justification for its enhanced military presence within the region. 

👉 Within Libya, following a significant escalation in Militia activity in Tripoli due to clashes between militias loyal to rival Dbeibah and Bashagha administrations, militias agreed to end the latest round of fight- ing to avert another war. This came amidst reports by the former commander of the Joint Operations Room that “war is highly likely if there is intransigence and an absence of solutions”. On 26 July, rival Military leaders from General Haftar’s LNA and the Tripoli based Libyan Army met to discuss a unified command. Such talks will pave way for the Joint Military Commission to continue its activities to fully implement the ceasefire agreement. The continued unrest is likely to increase the short term commercial disruption within Libya.

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