Access the latest Triton Scout Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 20th June 2022. 

👉 Within the Gulf of Guinea incidents of kidnap and maritime crime, continue within the creeks and rivers of the southern Niger Delta region. Such incidents are in contrast to the significant downturn of reporting within the offshore domain. There is an established trend of passenger boat attacks within the creeks and waterways of the Niger Delta, incidents often involve the targeting of small, unprotected vessels resulting in the kidnap of local population who are then ransomed for return to communities. Such activity is not commensurate with the offshore risk. 

👉 Within the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, the risk to Greek vessels is lowered following the release of the seized Iranian tanker and associated cargo. It is likely that a reciprocal action by Iran will follow involving the release of the two Greek tankers subsequently detained by Iran. 

👉 In Libya, despite previous reporting that oil exports had halted at Ras Lanuf and As Sidr oil ports, shipments have since taken place. Whilst the situation remains unstable the ports of Ras Lanuf and As Sidr are understood to be operational at this time. The force majeure at Zueitina and Brega oil ports continues. 

👉 Within the Black Sea, Ukrainian Armed Forces claim to have struck the Russian Navy’s project 22870 Rescue Tug with two anti-ship missiles while the ship was en route to Snake Island on 17 June 22. The attack has not been confirmed by the Russian Defence Ministry, but reports claim the tug was transporting personnel, weapons, and ammunition to Snake Island. In addition, Russian UN ambassador has stated that Russia would provide safe passage for grain but were not responsible for establishing safe corridors from mines. Turkish Foreign Minister states that it would take ‘take some time’ to demine ports but certain safe lines could be established where the location of mines is known. Ukraine is reluctant to de-mine ports fearing it would leave it more vulnerable to a Russian attack from the Black Sea. 

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