Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 24th April 2023.

👉 Within this last reporting period the Black Sea was once again thrown into focus by Russian threats to end the transportation of grain via the mechanism of the UN brokered grain deal. The transportation of grain remains one of the few mechanisms of cooperation and discussion between the parties to the conflict. Within the Black Sea increasing congestion caused by significant delays which the US has claimed is part of Russian attempts to stifle the Ukrainian economy. As Russia continues to stall on renegotiation, it is clear that Russia has established a network of illicit transfers of foodstuff to the global market, seeking to bypass the mechanism of the deal.

👉 Within the Gulf of Guinea there was a single incident of a vessel being boarded within the Luanda anchorage. Luanda continues to experience the highest volumes of low-level maritime crime regionally, overtaking Lagos as the heart of low level maritime crime in 2021. In response to the recent increase in hijackings for fuel theft within the Gulf of Guinea, the Nigerian Navy have committed to enhancing their operations throughout the area.

👉 Within Sudan, violence continues with a protracted conflict and civil disorder looking ever more realistic. Across the last reporting period a number of states have withdrawn diplomatic and humanitarian missions. Port Sudan and associated ports and terminals remain operational however the potential for increased commercial disruptions remains.