Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 24th October 2022.

👉 Reporting indicates that on 21 October 22, there were two drone explosions in close proximity to Marshall Islands Tanker M/T NISSOS KEA whilst calling for loading at Ash Shihr port. Neither explosion impacted the vessel, and crew were reported safe and unharmed. Following the expiration of the UN-brokered truce agreement, Houthi rebels have threatened to return to attacks within the maritime domain, including in the Gulf of Aden and Bab Al Mandeb strait. 

This has included threats to disrupt vessels headed to SLC countries, as well as demands that all companies cease the export of oil. The Aden-based ministry of Transportation has urged foreign companies to continue oil, gas, and mineral export operations in government-controlled areas and not to comply with Houthi demands or threats. 

👉 In the Black Sea, on 19 October, the Turkish Security Forces disabled a naval mine off Kiyiköy in north-western Turkey. There is a moderate risk of sea mines in the western-black sea. This is the tenth mine sighting to have occurred beyond Ukraine’s territorial waters since the onset of the war, and the fourth sighting off Turkey. In addition, the Ukrainian president accused Russia of deliberately delaying the pas- sage of ships carrying grain exports under the UN grain deal. Whilst he did not provide details of Russia’s involvement there has been an increase in operational delays, with vessels now waiting 10-15 days to pass inspections instead of the 5-6 days they were waiting in August. 

👉 In Libya, the likelihood of commercial disruption due to threats by General Haftar and the House of Representatives to support civilian blockades and protests is heightened. The risk at Misurata port has been raised to SUBSTANTIAL due to a severe risk of civilian blockades, and potential military presences to counter the Turkish naval presence at the port in light of concerns over Turkish intervention in Libya.