Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 7th August 2023.

👉 The Ukrainian state security service reportedly attacked a Black Sea oil tanker allegedly servicing Russian forces, marking the first time Kyiv's forces have targeted a commodity vessel in this area and signifying a new phase in the conflict. Despite the vessel's hull being pierced, no casualties were reported. This incident could disrupt traffic to and from Russian Black Sea ports, potentially impacting Russia's oil and grain exports significantly. The drone strike underscores the growing vulnerability of Russian ships and could notably hinder Russia's fuel and supply transport to its regional forces. The already strained situation follows Russia's withdrawal from a
grain deal last month, an attempt to undermine Ukraine's capacity to export the commodity.

In response to Iran's recurrent harassment and seizure of vessels in the critical Strait of Hormuz, the United States is reportedly considering deploying armed marines and navy sailors on commercial ships traversing the area. This action amplifies efforts by the U.S. and Britain to fortify the security of internationally-registered vessels through increased patrols and other measures. The Pentagon has also boosted regional deployments with additional forces at bases
in Bahrain. Several vessels, including the USS Bataan and USS Carter Hall, currently in the Mediterranean, are scheduled for deployment to the Persian Gulf region, carrying marine contingents.